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Get a grip on your lifting!

By Carl Sherry September 22, 2017

Whats holding your lifting back?


One thing may be grip, now on deadlifts powerlifters will need to do some sets without straps to keep there grip strength up. However to prevent tearing calluses and to overload the deadlift straps can be a great addition.

For those competeing in strongman strap are allowed so it makes sense to utilise them in training.

Another upside of straps is you have balance in the deadlift, with double over hand (DOH) compared to the extra stress on the bicep on the supinated arm in mixed grip & the different loading on the hips & back.

For olympic lifting straps can be great to save the hands. Regular straps can pose a risk if you need to bail, this is where our olympic straps are perfect!

For body building or general hypertrophy straps are fantastic to hit those extra reps on exercises like shrugs, deadlift variation, chins, rows etc....

As we all have different needs we stock a wide array of straps, to view our selection & get a grip on your lifting Here



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