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Athlete Profile Camilla Fogagnolo

By Carl Sherry January 29, 2020

Name Camilla Fogagnolo


When did you first get into the sport & what inspired you to do so?

My first SM comp was on Australia Day 2018. I had recently retired from Olympic lifting and was weaning off competitive sport. Wanted to compete with my brother again in something that looked like fun.


Next show & division

The Arnold Classic in Ohio, March 7th 8th and 9th (hopefully). I’ll be competing in the Light Weight division -63kg Before that on Feb 8th, I will be competing in an Olympic weightlifting comp for the first time in 2.5 years as it is a memorial event for my late coach Chris Chugg.


Event(s) you’re looking forward to the most?

My strength is strength and the weights in Ohio are quite light, so that changes the focus a bit more to speed and efficiency. But I probably look forward to the Yoke and Deadlift events most.


Highlights/accomplishments in strength sports so far?

⁃ First australian female to load over double body weight Atlas Stone in competition.

⁃ LWW Arnold Strongman Australia winner 2019

⁃ First lightweight to be invited to ASM/ASW. Came 3rd.

⁃ ASA national champion -72.5kg 2019

⁃ Represented Australia in Olympic lifting

⁃ Multiple national champion in Olympic lifting.


Goals for the future?

To make it through training for and compete in Ohio in good physical condition! Then back up the weight cut again 2 weeks after to attempt to reclaim my Arnold Australia title. After that, hopefully Official Strongman Games 2020. Haven’t set long term SM goals yet as I am still a baby in the sport and didn’t expect to be any good at it! Aside from that, my goals are just to be happy and surrounded by those that provide positives to my life.

Favourite product(s) in the range and what it means to be a Cerberus athlete

All of them! Every Cerberus product I have used so far has been amazing quality and true to description. In particular Grade II tacky has been invaluable for me. I do love a stone session and this stuff is just the best, most reliable tacky for our colder Tasmanian climate. The Triple Ply knee sleeves also give my knees a hug! Super supportive and don’t lose form quickly at all. Being included as part of the Cerberus team has allowed me to train with the best quality equipment and also be included in a niche group of some of the best SM athletes in the country/world. It is a huge honour. The fact that Cerberus Australia is directed by an elite level athlete instantly improves the validity and integrity of the company in my eyes. Not just products for the sake of them, but tested and modified by athletes for athletes. Proud to be a part of Team Cerberus.

Personal philosophy on life & training?

“In a world full of unicorns, be a fucking draught horse.” #bethedraughthorse Born from an innate dislike of fakery and bullshit. With all the pressure from social media in particular for everything to conform and be “perfect”, just be strong, be honest, be you. Show the world that is is ok to be unstable sometimes. To be upset. To have bad training, or just life days! As long as you try every day to be real to yourself and loving to those who deserve it, every day can be a success.

Pearls of wisdom for aspiring lifters?

Stop searching for a quick fix or magic pill. If you want to lose weight; eat clean, drink water and exercise. If you want to gain weight; eat more. Treat your diet like training and commit to it! If you want to get stronger/faster/fitter; train harder and smarter. Don’t fall into the trap of settling for mediocrity by allowing yourself to believe that others have it easier. Just because someone is successful in some aspect, does not mean that they are taking shortcuts to get there! Sometimes it is not genetics, or a fast metabolism, or drugs. Sometimes it is just hard work and sacrifices. Both of which are embraced and totally worth it when goals are smashed, or you can simply look back and know that you did everything you could.

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