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Athlete profile Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (Coco)

By Carl Sherry February 05, 2020


Name Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (Coco)

When did you first get into the sport and what inspired you to do so?

I got into strongman in October 2013 when my friend Chad told me to quit bodybuilding and start lifting some serious weights. We then went to a gym that was running a strongman class and my first ever session was yoke carry and atlas stone. As soon as I picked up my first stone, I loved it and decided to learn more about strongman and made it my passion, hobby and work. Pretty much my whole life now haha… What I love about strongman is the variety of events and challenges. You can never get bored with strongman training!

Next show & Division

Australian Arnold’s pro show as a heavyweight

Event(s) you are looking forward to the most?

Log press, Axle deadlift, arm over arm pull, Max atlas stone

Highlights/accomplishments in strength sports so far?

2019 Australia Strongest Man winner

2018-2019 Australian Arnold’s pro show competitor

2018-2019 Static Monster world’s championship winner in Open division

2018 Australia Strongest Man runner-up

2018 Queensland Strongest Man winner in Open division

2017 Australia Strongest Man third
2017 Gold Coast Strongest man winner in Open division
2015-2016 Australasia Strongest man winner under 105kg


Goals for the future?

Be bigger and stronger. Log press over 200kg ,deadlift over 400kg and load a 220kg atlas stone over 1.2m

Favourite product(s) in the range and what it means to be a Cerberus athlete

I love the 7mm extreme and Dual-ply elbow sleeves. They are amazing sleeves to keep your elbows warm and safe during heavy pressing.
I also love the elite wrist wraps. I used to have some minor wrist pain during pressing and since using them, my wrist hasn’t felt painful at all.

Cerberus strength equipment provides the best strongman equipment on the market and I am proud to represent them anywhere I go and compete. I feel honoured to be part of the Australian Cerberus strength team.

Personal philosophy on life and training?

Only the strong survive!

Pearls of wisdom for aspiring lifters?

Learn from someone that walks the talk. Having a great coach behind you will help you achieve better and greater results than training on your own. As a coach and athlete myself, I totally understand how it takes to be the best and the sacrifices you have to take to achieve greatness in strongman.

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