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Cerberus Australia Athlete profile

By Carl Sherry January 15, 2020



Team Cerberus Arnolds

Name Carl Sherry

When did you first get into the sport & what inspired you to do so?

Think it was 2008/2009. I had always watched WSM over the festive period as a kid & loved it, didn’t realise it was an option as a lightweight vertically challenged human! A friend told me there was a comp on, so i entered and had a crack. I randomly entered shows for a few years and then decided to actually train for it. I love the wide array of events, the challenges both physically and mentally to see what I am capable of.

Next show & division

Arnold’s u80kg

Event(s) you’re looking forward to the most?

Not sure I have one, looking forward to seeing some huge numbers in the max stone.

Highlights/accomplishments in strength sports so far?

Winner Arnold’s Australia 2016,2017

3rd Place Official Strongman games 2017

Winner ASA Nationals 2019

2nd Place Official Strongman games 2019

Goals for the future?

Continue to have fun in the sport, win OSG and make the most of the opportunities to compete while I can. To grow Cerberus Australia and continue to support the sport.

Favourite product(s) in the range and what it means to be a Cerberus athlete

That’s a tough one as I use them all. Currently the triple-ply sleeves as they’re super supportive.
To run cerberus Australia is a privilege and I am grateful for all the support I have received. I obviously compete and use all the products, I like the fact they are made by Strongmen for Strongmen. We also provide feedback on products in general and in testing so that they are built to last and tailored made for the sports requirements.

Personal philosophy on life & training?

Have fun & do your best. Things don’t always go to plan, so better to enjoy the process and have fun! Do your best isn’t a cop out for failure, however if you have can say without hesitation you have given your best, it will be hard not to be proud of your result, regardless of the outcome.

Pearls of wisdom for aspiring lifters?

Consistency is king! The little things done consistently lead to the big things. Recording your training, so you can see what works & what does’nt. We are all different and have different responses to training, learn by doing rather than by perceived training guru’s.

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