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Athlete profile Lucia Delle Noci

By Carl Sherry February 12, 2020

Name: Lucia Delle Noci

When did you first get into the sport & what inspired you to do so?

I start doing Strongman with Coco back in February 2014, I got bored of bodybuilding style d type of training and wanted to try something different and challenging. Although at first I thought the implements and events were different to what I’m used to and a little awkward, I eventually fell in love with the challenge as well as what the Strongman community has to offer. My first competition was the Gold Coast Comp in Dec 2014. I went up against some of the strongest girls in Australia but that didn’t stop me from trying my best. I knew I was going to come last, nevertheless it didn’t intimidate me but inspired me more to be at the top just like them. Fast forward to a few years of intense training and a few more competitions including qualifying for the Arnold’s 4 times in a row and winning it twice in a row (2018+2019) and on top of that I got my Pro Card in the sport which was the icing on the cake. I love feeling strong and empowered, it makes me feel alive and like my soul is lit on fire and I could achieve and do whatever I want as long as I set my mind to it.

Next show & division

Currently I am prepping for the Melbourne Arnold Classic competing in the Under 82kg Women’s class in Strongwoman, hoping I will do well again this year.

Event(s) you’re looking forward to the most?

Overheads are one of my strongest and what I am known to be the best at as I hold many of the overhead records in Australia. But I do love Deadlifts and Yoke as well!

Highlights/accomplishments in strength sports so far?

Winning ASW 2019 Runner Up ASW 2020 Winning Pro Card 2019 Winning Arnolds 2018 and 2019 Log Record and first woman to hit 100kg Log Part of the 150kg Stone Record Holder

Goals for the future?

Competing in Crossfit because It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and do, stepping out of my comfort zone is what it’s all about when you want to grow as an athlete. Also competing at OSG this year!

Favourite product(s) in the range and what it means to be a Cerberus athlete

My favourite belt to use for Log is the Triple-Ply Deadlift Belt because its soft enough for the log to roll over. Favourite Knee sleeves is Dual-Ply Knee sleeves because its super easy to put on and it’s comfortable and protects my knees and keeps them warm throughout my training sessions. I love both of the Single Prong Belt and the Lever Belt, I use them both for heavy compound movements in my daily training schedule.

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